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Dr Tom

My name is Dr Thomas Graham DC. I was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire where my hobbies included music, sports, outdoors, boy scouts and more. In my college career, I found my passion was health and the human body, so I studied health science, personal training and biochemistry to create a sports based PRE MED degree!

Shortly after I graduated with my bachelors, I was unsure about my future in healthcare, and soon realized that I believe Drugs and Surgery should be a last resort (not the first option) when trying to live a healthy life or HEAL! With my love of sports, the human body, and a passion for helping people, Chiropractic became my life's mission and In 2014 I started Chiropractic College at LIFE University in Marietta Georgia. Since then I have embarked on a vitalistic journey to learn the true dynamics of a better life and healthier living. 

Through school I developed a passion for learning about the brain, nervous system, and positive psychology, which perfectly complemented my love of health, personal development, and quantum physics (or the new science). My passion led me to many clubs, and I studied under some of the best doctors internationally. I also donated my money and time learning by traveling on 4 different mission trips and also communicating with students from around the world about the importance of the true chiropractic message.

In September of 2017, I Graduated LIFE University, Cum Laude, with my Doctorate of Chiropractic, and since then I have continued to get my masters in positive psychology, because I’ve realized how truly important our mindset is in this journey of life and healing.

The ONLY thing more important than chiropractic in health, is your mindset to begin with, and my devotion is now in leading others towards living healthier in all aspects of life (Mind Body and Spirit)! My life experiences and chiropractic have enabled me to help others in a way I never previously conceived possible, so It is MY PLEASURE to serve and inspire you to reach the next evolution of your LIFE!

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